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Instead of the usual 'mop and bucket' approach of a lot of cleaning companies, we use the latest cleaning machinery, the best probiotic environmentally and human kind cleaning products and ULV fogging technology. 

We are passionate about being kind to and preserving our planet and all who inhabit it, while at the same time, providing the best, cleanest results possible for all of our clients. 

Benefits of using environmentally friendly cleaning products:

  • Fewer harmful chemicals –The green products we use meet strict standards regarding inhalation toxicity, combustibility and absorption, meaning they’re kinder to our staff and those using the environments we clean.

  • Allergy aware - with allergies and health conditions such as asthma (which is on the rise and the most chronic common illness), the fewer harmful chemicals we use the better.  

  • Environmentally friendly – helping reduce pollution to our waterways, air quality and minimised the risk or ozone depletion. The products we use also have recyclable packaging

  • Less packaging - means less waste going back into the environment

  • Bulk buying  - helps us reduce waste

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