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Cleaning4Health recognises how critical it is for your gym & leisure facilities match the highest hygiene standards for your members and customers, allowing you to maintain satisfaction levels and your reputation to thrive. 

Leisure facilities can become hotspots for bacteria and germs, causing illness and infection if not kept in check and if regular hygiene processes and standards are not maintained. With word of mouth recommendation so important to success and with competition so high, it's critical you ensure your members and customers they are safe within your environment. 

Services include:

  • Out of hours

  • Deep clean

  • ULV fogging/Anti-viral disinfection (sanitisation)

  • Walls, doors, handles, windows

  • Machinery 

  • loose weights, balls, floor mats

Areas Include:

  • Squash & tennis courts

  • Changing rooms

  • Saunas and hot-tubs

  • Pool areas

  • Children's play areas

  • Outdoor areas - including sunbeds

  • Cafes and kitchens

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