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ULV Fogging is a disinfection process that will provide a safe environment from which activities can take place. 

Following Government Covid-19 health guidelines, Cleaning4health offers highly effective ATP testing and UVL fogging services across a broad range of industries and sectors across London and Greater London.


The UVL fogging technology we use distributes spray particles which are electrostatically charged, meaning the disinfectants wrap around surfaces to coat them with an even coverage, deactivating bacteria and viruses on contact.


The treatment covers all surfaces and touch points such as tables, desks, worktops, work surfaces handles, walls, floors, WCs and bathrooms, taps, keyboards, play areas and difficult to reach areas. 

Protection of customers is our utmost priority. Our full trained staff wear full personal protective equipment (PPE) and adopt the highest sanatory standards to provide you with a Covid safe environment. 

We will schedule the UVL Fogging process out of hours to cause the least disruption and our staff take a discreet approach to the process. 

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